Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker 1.5lt

With a double-insulated freezer bowl and heavy-duty motor, you can create your own favourite ice-cream, gelato or frozen yoghurt dessert with the fresh ingredients in around 20 minutes.

  • Mixing Paddle - Automatically churns mixture to create frozen treats in minutes.
  • Efficient Design - Sleek look to keep on your countertop and compact to easily store.
  • Heavy Duty Motor - Churns up to 1.5L in around 20 minutes.
  • Mix-In Opening - Allows for adding ingredients during the churning process. From shaved chocolate to nuts or fresh fruits so you can create unlimited flavour combinations.
  • See-through Lid - Watch your creations churn to life!
  • Freezer Bowl - Double-insulated (freeze before use) with a large 1.5L capacity.
  • 240V
  • Brushed stainless trim
  • Double insulated freezer bowl
  • Ice-cream paddle
  • Cord storage

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker 1.5lt

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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker 1.5lt

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