Bonus Points on Find X3 Pro This August!

Blank 31/7/2021 12:00 - 31/7/2021 12:00

We have a busy month coming up for you with OPPO StarPoints, so let's get straight into it...

If the photo at the top of this email didn't give it away already, we have a TRUCKLOAD of StarPoints to dish out this August, with a bonus ★500 for every Find X3 Pro you sell from the 1st, right up to the 31st. That's almost $100 worth of StarPoints value for every unit sold!

How easy does that sound? Even if you only sell one device a week, that could be almost $400 of StarPoints sitting in your back pocket!

Don't forget that with these points you can redeem youself any OPPO merch or devices for 15% off everyday through the StarPoints store, and if you are still struggling to find something you are after, you can check our our all new Reward Request page to give us your ideas, and even do in the draw to win some bonus StarPoints!

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