What's a Chipolo?

Blank 21/10/2021 12:00 - 21/10/2021 12:00

You may have already seen Chipolo start to pop up in your stores. If so, congrats on your keen eye!

Starting in October, we have welcomed this neat little tracker to the GWP range!
Chipolo, however, is more than just a tracker and offers a few interesting tricks.
Let's go through some of the tracking features first.
It has 60m of range (line of sight), and is IPX5 water resistant.
Users can ring it from their phone, or ring a lost phone by double tapping Chipolo.

But what is it that makes Chipolo more appealing as a tracker?
What's great about it for both consumer and business customers is that one Chipolo can be shared between multiple users!
Put Chipolo on shared keys for offices or shops, on swipes, on PDA's, or even took bags. The list goes on...
Chipolo can also work with voice assistants, be used as a shutter button for the camera, and uses can even change ringtones so if they have multiple units, each one rings differently.

We are super excited to have partenered with Chipolo to offer these neat little trackers to our customers to help keep summer close!
Not only is the Chipolo training module available now, you can also use those StarPoints towards your very own OPPO x Chipolo in the StarPoints store!

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