Celebrate World Environment Day

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Since the company was founded in 2004, OPPO has been committed to improving the well-being of our employees, customers, and partners bybettering our impact on the environment and society as a whole. Sustainability has been an integral part of our development strategy during this time, ensuring our ability to innovate and provide the best possible products and services for our users in what we call the Internet of Experience.OPPO’s achievements in sustainability were evaluated by the leading testing service provider TÜV Rheinland, which gave recognition to OPPO‘s contributions based on international standards. This third-party verification proves OPPO’s work towards creating a circular economy, which includes prioritizing the use of sustainable materials and minimizing its waste output.

OPPO now adopts sustainable production processes, spanning from design, packaging, and upgrading to material processing. As a result, TÜV Rheinland also certified OPPO’s sustainable resource management outcomes and reduced emissions.In 2021 OPPO takes a new step towardits mission of “Technology for mankind. Kindness for the world” by being one of the first to join a new pan-industry Eco-Ratinglabellingscheme in hopes to create a more sustainable future. Starting from June 2021, this scheme will roll out across Europe to help consumers identify and compare the most sustainable smartphones. Thus, raising awareness of environmental protection and sustainability, and staying true to our core value of Benfen.


How can you participate in world environment day too? Try these 5 challenges:

  1. Eat organic food. Make a meal that is made up of locally grown products.
  2. Dispose of hazardous waste like batteries, paint cans, old electronics in recycling centers as they could prove disastrous when disposed of openly.
  3. Leave your car and ride a bike or take public transport
  4. Weed and fertilize public trees and gardens.
  5. Get out and into your local environment. Sponsor a walk or hike – studies have shown that the more people are involved in green spaces, the more green spaces and the environment become important to them.

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